Russian Government Quality Award

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Secretariat of the Russian Government Quality Award Board:

Head of the Secretatiat:
Vladimir I. Galeev

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+7 (499) 253 3395,
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VNIIS. Russian Lands: Lake Baikal. Photo by E. Konovalova The annual Russian Government Quality Award whose criteria are harmonized with the prestigious European Quality Award provides the Russian businesses with a tool to improve their products, services, and business practices and increase the competitiveness of their products. The Award is administered by the Russian Government and regulated by Act No. 423 of April 12, 1996.

Why to compete for the award?

At the heart of the award lie the principles of quality:
  • customer focus;
  • leadership;
  • persistence in achieving the goals;
  • management based on understanding of the facts;
  • involvement of personnel;
  • innovations;
  • partnership development;
  • public relations;
  • result focus.

Each competing organization will receive an independent evaluation of the material supplied to the Board, provided by an independent body of experts deliberately selected for the purposes of the Russian Government Quality Award.

This evaluation will include an expert opinion regarding strengths and weaknesses of the company business activities. It will also include specific recommendations about possible improvements as well as ratings that will allow the participants to compare their results with the results of the winners.

The Russian Government Quality Awards are conferred by the decision of the Russian Government. The awarding ceremony is officially conducted by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation or his deputies.

The award endows the winner with a positive publicity of the leader, reputation of a reliable partner and a provider of high quality products and services. The winners are entitled to use the program trademark in their promotional events and advertisements.

In addition to the winners, some selected organizations are awarded a diploma for quality achievements.

Any organization, not only the participants of the Program, can use the Program criteria to self-evaluate their products, services and processes. This allows to evaluate the company effectiveness, customer satisfaction, human resources management efficiency, supply chain effectiveness and to develop a set of priorities to move forward and to perfect the business.